The Last thing

If you are over weight make sure to go on a nice healthy diet. Even if you are just a tad on the plus side it will greatly hurt your chances To get those epic abs you desire. You can do all the upper and lower ab workouts in the world but if you are just a little bit over weight no one will ever see them, and that will truly be a shame.

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The Crunches

Crunches work out the upper ab region a lot faster then sit ups. In order to do a proper crunch place your hands nice and gentle on your chest and let your ab muscles and back do the work. Don’t go to fast, go nice and slow, feel your abs burn. The great thing about the crunch exercise is that you really feel your abs burn, it is a great feeling and lets you know that you are working out those abs.

Do 3 to 4 sets of these workouts every other day. Its a good idea to take a break every other day. Taking a break between workouts lets your muscles rest and build strength. All tho some hard core muscle builders disagree with this, but I believe that they have been working out the same muscles for so long that they no longer need to rest. So please do keep that in mind. For the lower abs you can choose from bicycle crunches, the v holds, or some good old fashion ab pull ups. I will put a lower ab exercise video below that will go into great detail that will show you how to do these lower ab workouts with proper form.

Example Crunches workout. Thanks


The Best Lower Ab Exercises And Workouts

To Get Ripped Abs Super Fast

Why don’t people understand how to workout the lower AB region? This always confuses me that most people don’t realize that you have to do 2 different AB workouts and exercises for each of the AB regions. This mainly consist of the upper and lower abs. When most young men and women get into fitness they eventually decide they want a nice set of six pack ABS, they think they can just do sit-ups and crunches and all will be solved with there AB dilemma. In a way this is very true, it can be achieved this way. As long as you have the time and determination needed to get the results.

But the fact remains the crunches and situps mainly work out the upper portion of the ab area, so you wont get all the AB muscles. So its very important that you understand that you need to workout the lower abs and the upper abs with 2 different exercises and workouts. So for the upper you can do situps or crunches if you like, considering you don’t have any fancy ab workout machines. On 2nd thought you might as well just stick with crunches opposed to sit-ups.

If you don’t have more time to do a workout. Let’s follow this example. This is a short circle workout from Just 2 minutes to get a packs.